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What dream do you have in your heart?

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An circumstance, an opportunity, the idea of living together a unique experience, all this to celebrate the 200 years since the birth of our Founder Fr. Gregorio Fioravanti.

With other sisters we met, we shared to concretize this opportunity to work together and make known Father Gregory to the students and teachers of our schools.

In the first days of October in Gemona and the last week of the same month in Rome, Sister Lilibeth Labian , Sister Francesca Fiorin, Sister Aileen, Sister Marta Lucatelli, Sister Gabriela Mamani, Sister Mara, Sister Miranda Sforza, we met to live what we had thought and planned in previous months.

To the children of kinder garden school, was presented a beautiful story through a PowerPoint, so they knew the origin, the family, the vocation and mission of Fr Gregory.

At the children of the primary school a letter that "Father Gregory" wrote personally to everyone was given to all before the arrival of sisters in the classroom. Here it is the letter:

Dear/how are you? I am writing to you, without you knowing me, I will tell you something about me, but I will not reveal to you immediately who I am, you will discover me! I was born in a country far away/ not far from here. I am the ninth child, the youngest in my family. Everyone called me by this nickname "Vico". I received so much affection, even if at the age of six my mother went to Heaven and I cried a lot, but my father, my brothers and sisters were so close to me.

I’ve always liked school, music has always fascinated me, like spending time outdoors with my friends. I also loved being quiet for a few moments and listening carefully to what was moving around me and inside my heart. I always attended the Church and after the death of my mother I became even more attached to Mary, the Mother of Jesus and all of us. I was an altar boy and I looked with admiration at my pastor. I learned a lot from him, even the Latin that then served me so much when I grew up.

One day a dream blossomed in my heart, a dream that I believe God gave me. And what dream do you have in your heart?

The letter was followed in the classroom by the testimony of the sisters, through which we completed the story about our Founder, and then to reflect and enjoy the construction of a puzzle depicting Fr. Gregory.

The sheet on which it was reproduced was composed of bricks on which the children were invited to write the words that they most remembered from the story.

At the secondary school everything begins with a chant of the singer Arisa:


Until dawn

He was a boy like us
That he had a dream in his drawer
He wanted to be a hero
Without costume or cloak
Dreaming of touching the clouds
And to fly with eagles
But he could only run
And keep on dreaming
It is us, it’s just us
There is no flag that limits us
Don’t turn, don’t stop
Till dawn
Speed and the wind that goes
Don’t turn, don’t stop
Until dawn... until dawn...
And there was a clear sky
As painted with pastel
And that boy was a hero
But without mask and cloak
He came down hard like lightning
In the mountains with eagles
He had an irrepressible heart
And the eyes full of emotion

RIT. If you look, there is a world of super-heroes
Boys ... of the world around us
In their looks, it is today that the time
In their dreams, that’s where it all makes sense.

This song was proposed by the teacher, after listening and reflection.

We sisters joined the students in their classes, and following the presentation in which we shared names and places of origin, space was given to the listening of the song and further sharing of which phrases or words were particularly significant for them.

The knowledge of Fr. Gregory in this case was given through a double interview, in which an interviewee was precisely Fr. Gregory... answered the questions of a previously contacted boy whose answer had been registered. The other person to be interviewed was a sister, who gave testimony of her experience of vocation in the family of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

To conclude the reflection, we proposed to write on papers shaped as stars, their dreams, those of yesterday, those of today and those of tomorrow

From all the children, the students  we requested a prayer written in a sheet that we handed to the older sisters, who live in the Mother House, and in the infirmary of Centocelle and Viale Saffi and that through prayer they continue their mission begun many years ago by Fr. Gregory from the Founder and the first sisters. Many were the requests, a source of joy for the sisters, who in the recitation of the rosary have presented to God; others will be offered in the next moments of prayers.

The teachers also had the opportunity to participate in a formative meeting, through key words such as: Being a son... Dream... Dialogue... Unexpected... journey...

A group work was proposed, starting from these words and after listening to the sisters the story of the life of Fr. Gregory was asked to think of a title of a book, a song, or a work of art, of a movie or video, through which they could make tangible the life of Ludovico Fioravanti.

This experience turned out to be the realization of a "dream", that of collaborating with other sisters. The efforts have given way to the joy of being together, the memory of Fr. Gregory has supported and motivated us in the confrontation with young people. Thanks to Fr. Gregory, thanks to our Superiors who helped us, thanks to every sister.


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