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From 24 to 25 July 2021, Sister Beltha Mange Ngwashi, Superior Vice Provincial and her Council (Vice Province "Holy Martyrs of Uganda-Africa) organized in the headquarters of the Province in Nkoabang, a two-day session on Human Resources Management and Leadership. This session concerned only the Older Sisters and the sisters responsible for our works.

First of all, Sr Beltha transmitted the initiatives for the ongoing formation of the sisters with a view to a new impetus of recovery with the aim of investing better in the evangelizing mission. All - he said - we are called to be witnesses of abundant and even superabundant fruitfulness!

The first day after prayer, sr. Beltha made a brief introduction to the meeting and presented Mr. Chaptchet Manasse, an expert from the Labour Delegation who spoke about the Essential Documents, the laws of the Ministry of Labour and some difficulties that may arise with employees in our various facilities. In general, we believe that performance in every company depends on the organization planned for the purpose outlined, the preliminary definition of the role or roles of each, the motivation in view of the involvement of each and everyone. To this end, the entrepreneur must have a clear vision that nothing is overlooked and work to establish a good climate of social relations.

The second day, July 25, was carried out in continuity with the chosen themes. Sr. Beltha associated the theme of the IX Vice-provincial Chapter «Giving our lives to be evangelically fruitful women» with that of the management of Human Resources and Leadership.

He highlighted «How to give life? ». He well defined the terms of the theme of the day. Human resources management is the set of practices put in place to administer, mobilize and develop the human resources involved in the activity of an organization. The leadership also consists in «directing a group of people or an organization», motivating people to work, being able to cooperate with each other so that they can achieve their goal. A leader is a person who influences a group of people towards achieving a goal. More explicitly, any good management of human resources should necessarily pass to the scrutiny of a good leader both for our communities and in our works. Then he pointed out the different types of leadership, how to choose a leadership style, the characteristics of an effective leader etc...

Sr. Beltha, to conclude this two-day session of intense work, gave each sister the Statutes and Resolutions of our IX Chapter Vice Provincial. He presented in detail the Programme of the Vice Province for the three-year period, the different Commissions, their managers and members, as well as the role of each, specifying that our commitment is the vehicle that carries our charisma. Each committee shall report annually on its activities.

We concluded our session with a joyful excursion to praise and contemplate the Goodness of God in creation. We lived together as a family two days of renewed fraternity, of communion of heart and spirit, of intense sharing, of resources, of learning, of renewal with the shared joy of the meetings!

To the praise of His glory and for a fruitful life in God!


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