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We, sisters of the fraternity "Sant'Antonio" (Le Mans - France) wish to share the great joy experienced during the celebration of the First Mass in our chapel by Gael Catalano, ordained priest on 27 June in the Cathedral of San Giuliano.

Together with Antoine Clément, they received the sacrament of the Order from the hands of Mons. Yves le Saux of the Diocese of Le Mans.

Gael is known to us all, during his higher studies and those of the seminary, in preparation for the priesthood; he came to greet us and to share with us.

Priestly ordination was a beautiful and solemn celebration, concelebrated by many priests with the participation of the faithful and followed by many others at home live online. We too, sisters, have followed the celebration through this technological means. We note that the lack of vocations is very felt in our Diocese, because for three years there has been no ordination. The joy of the bishop, the priests and the faithful was seen on the faces of all and certainly the applause broke out without end.

On the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Gael wished to preside and celebrate his first Mass with us as a sign of fraternity and thanksgiving for the spiritual and moral support he received throughout his preparation for the priesthood. Together with him we give thanks to the Lord for having called him and chosen him to be his disciple and pastor of the souls that will be entrusted to him in the course of his life.

During the homily, Gael, the new priest, shared with us his reflection on the apostles Peter and Paul.

«Peter is the first in his class... Jesus looks at him and says «Follow me». He not only follows him, but also calls his friends. At every important moment he is there... he is generous, spontaneous, with a big heart: Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life» (Jn. 6, 68) or «Lord, not only my feet, but my hands and the head as well! » (Jn. 13, 9) and also «Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go» (Mt. 8, 19) ...

Paolo is the last in the class somehow... He does not know Jesus during his life, he persecutes Christians and is pleased with the death of St Stephen. He must become blind and receive the light of Christ that invests him completely, to change the way... Paul is the one who is aware of his weakness and that his only strength is the Lord.

These two apostles have in common the experience of wrong paths before knowing the Lord. Peter denied Him three times and Paul persecuted Him in Christians. Yet it is on them that the Lord wanted to build his Church and it is through them that he wanted to spread his Gospel....

He told us: On this day of their feast, I propose that you ask the Lord for three graces through their intercession:

  • for example, to have a strong and trusting faith in Jesus our Savior, so that our acts show that we are truly in love with God,
  • the Lord make all indecision in following disappear from our hearts and grant us the grace to be holy here and now,
  • May the Holy Spirit grant us the grace to be his witnesses, to be Peter and Paul in our day and to proclaim the Gospel at the right time and also in the setbacks.

Gael shared with us a good time and also the meal in a simple and fraternal atmosphere. Before his departure he thanked again for the support of prayer, the time that was dedicated to him during his formation and for our heartfelt spiritual and fraternal closeness.

Sisters of the community «Saint Antoine» Le Mans-France


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