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“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good for his faithful love endures forever”.

Today is a day of celebration and joy for Fmsc family. On 11 August 2021, at the feast of St. Clare of Assisi, two of our novices Albina Kispotta and Punam Tirkey garbed in white, with lighted lamps consecrated themselves to God by making the first profession in the novitiate chapel at Carmelnagar. Sr. Mini Joseph, the provincial Superior received their vows.

The solemn Eucharistic celebration was presided over by His excellency, Most Rev. Joseph Raja Rao Thelagathoti, S.M.M. Bishop of Vijayawada Diocese. In his homily, he enlightened them that ‘the call to religious life is God’s Initiative. And the ultimate purpose is to be conformed to the Lord, who is our model. They have to become Christ like. Their attitude is important and not what they show to others but to be humble models for others like St. Francis was the other Christ and St. Clare was the other Francis.

Those who follow Christ will gain what they give up to the Lord and loose what they keep for themselves. Generosity flows from an abundant heart. A person gives generously in religious life without any “but”, whatever we give to the Lord, will come back as hundred fold one day, so be generous and grateful. Peter followed Jesus, he didn’t keep “but” he asked to Jesus, ‘what about us?’. He received hundred fold, then what about us? Do we received the hundred fold from Jesus in our day to day life? Today the people looks at us as spiritual persons, to be peaceful, then, what is our role? It is a prophetic role, to speak about God, have connection or speak with God and share our experience to the people, we have to be readable witness to them, once we are committed to Jesus, it should be seen in our life.

Finally he exhorted them about the vow of obedience that is listening and knowing the will of God and not just something asking permission. Listening gives us perception and we need it. Obedience is assuming responsibility and serve the Lord whole heartedly. Live only for God. Simplicity of living is poverty and not accumulating the things. He highlighted the importance of community life and when their love is purified they can live a peaceful, loving community life and the community will help them, sustain them, form them, and teach them to live a holy life.

At the end of the celebration the newly professed sisters expressed their gratitude to everyone present with so much joy and emotion and most especially to God, who has called them and will be with them every day.

Sr. Selinamma Sebastian
Provincial Secretary

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