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Pope Francis, in 2019, stated, "This time we are living is not just a time of change, but it is a real epochal change. Choices that rapidly transform the way we live, weave relationships, communicate and think, behave between human generations, and understand and live faith and science." These words resonate more strongly today: the current crisis commits us to very concrete transformations that challenge us.

The Church is provoked by the world's problems and its own internal crises, signs of a favorable moment to engage in profound transformation. It is about: "Recreating our way of living and proclaiming the Gospel". It is not an external reform, nor a change related to the Dogmas of the faith, but a new way of being church and living the Gospel in a personal and communal form.

In this context of Church, the diocese of Beauvais since 1996 has let itself be questioned by the challenges of our time and has set out to renew its presence in the reality of the territory also due to the lack of priests. An urgent challenge: to reunite and reorganize the different parishes to make up a single pastoral unit! The communities are engaged in these transformations with courage and confidence.  It is the whole diocese that has set out with the firm conviction that the Lord guides and accompanies this path of renewal.

Today, the Carlepont area, where our FMSC sisters serve, has been grouped into a single parish, divided into 5 pastoral communities, 83 bell towers, comprising approximately 70,000 inhabitants and 5 priests. These are figures that give us the extent and gravity of the situation, which urges every baptized person to take care of his or her own parish, to act personally and to commit himself or herself to creating an environment of fraternity, of closeness for an authentic fraternal life within the various communities. This is how a family of Carlepont presents this new reality at the opening celebration of pastoral activities.

The mother offers her testimony: "The spiritual and Catholic journey was not an evidence for us a few years ago. Parents of two children, Charlotte and Titouan lived in parallel this journey, linked to the daily problems and the accelerated pace of work in our lives. Then... we crossed paths with the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Carlepont. Charlotte and her younger brother Titouan have a great time participating in missionary childhood (oratory brilliantly animated by the sisters) and follow a path of faith always in close relationship with the sisters.

Sister Pauline is an excellent cook and prepares the snack with care, Sister Michael prepares us for the sacrament of the Eucharist, but especially Sister Marie Louise is so kind and funny... I like to help them and we love them very much» Charlotte 13 years old «I became a servant of the altar thanks to Sister Maria Luisa and Sister Michèle and I like it very much. I also served the Bishop of Beauvais at Noyon Cathedral, I was so proud... I can’t wait to meet Sister Clara» Titouan 11 years old. Our relationship with the sisters brings us much more than a relationship linked to faith. We walk every day thinking of them.

For us, the sisters are an example in our reflections, in our decisions, in the education and in the values, we give to our children. They guide and accompany us daily. We are always very impressed by the energy they have to maintain the bond and motivate groups. SMS, calls, WhatsApp, mail, animations... everything is good to keep the connection, even during the quarantine, where they took on the great challenge of maintaining the bond with families and children. We chose the Catholic school in Compiègne for our children but we remain undeniably faithful to the parish of Carlepont.

We absolutely want to maintain the bond with the sisters and the parish. We want to celebrate the sacraments at their side. They are also of great support in the trials that life has in store for us. Positive or more complicated, personal or professional, the sisters always have a thought for us and us for them. They are so precious to us... we no longer think about our lives and the growth of our children without these «great» consecrated! Then it is our turn to say THANK YOU - May the Lord be thanked for having put you on our streets. May God watch over you.

We too, sisters of the community of St Francis in Carlepont, thank the Lord for being his instruments in the joyful proclamation of the Gospel.


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