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The new Council of the Vice-province "Santi Martiri d'Uganda", based in Nkoabang-Yaoundé, organized the work of the three-year period entrusting to its members the formation of the various commissions that, together with a Vice Councillor Provincial, they will involve everyone in the responsibility of walking together.

The commission of Franciscan Spirituality, this year had the opportunity to organize the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi despite the pandemic-Covid 19 which is still present. The feast of 04/10/’21, being a day of work, was celebrated in a minor tone in the communities, and solemnly on 10/10/21 in the parish of "Sant'Anna e di San Gioacchino" à Nkoabang.

This solemn celebration, in which we recall the transitus of St. Francis to the definitive encounter with God, brought together the Franciscan Family: brothers, the Capuchin brothers, the Poor Clares, the secular and regular Franciscan Order and our Lay Associates.

What beauty and richness in these times when the Holy Father, Pope Francis in his Encyclical "Brothers all" awakens in us the need for brotherhood. We have organized to invite our brothers and sisters of the great Franciscan family to praise and celebrate with them the wonders that God does in each of us and in all his children!

The brothers and sisters, representatives of the various fraternities, who attended the solemn Eucharistic celebration before the final blessing, have had the opportunity to present to the Christian people their own specific charism which has also served as a vocational proposal for the three Orders.

The Christians present at Holy Mass were amazed by such richness, which is why, at the end of the liturgy, many came to the community to enjoy with us some good moments of theatrical recitation, of dances, songs, and ancestral tales through which you can discover lessons in life and wisdom.

The representation of the healing of the leper by Francis of Assisi was a very significant moment and we were able to grasp the different talents of our young sisters of the novitiate and of the systematic juniorate. At the end of the day, we also shared the refreshments/snacks that God has given us: a wonder in our eyes!

Finally, we can only offer our sincere thanks to the sisters who make up this committee, our gratitude also goes to Father Martial Nanan K. of the Order of the Discalced Carmelites who offered us space during the celebration for our presentations.

Thank you to Sr. Beltha Ngwashi Superior Vice-provincial and Her Council for the opportunity to praise and thank God together with our brothers and sisters who share with us the richness and beauty of Franciscan spirituality. PEACE AND GOOD!

Mr. Gisèle Bella, Member of the Commission


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