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The Episcopal Conference of the Catholic Church in Bulgaria, in preparation for the next World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon, has organized on Saturday, April 9, 2022 a meeting for young people from all over the country. The theme of reflection of the day was the one chosen by the Pope: «Mary got up and went quickly». The event took place in the Catholic parish of Saint Joseph in Sofia in a synodal context.

The meeting began at 10:00 with the opening of a welcome address by the parish priest Fr Yaroslav Babik, who welcomed the participants with the words of Pope Francis: "Young people in action in a synodal Church". From 10.30 to 12.00 the penitential prayer was prepared with the possibility of confession. In the afternoon the conference on the theme: The call of young people to holiness, followed by work of groups and sharing together.

We live in difficult times, in which the Lord invites us to face the challenges of a post-global pandemic, the scourge of war, the economic, social and demographic crisis. We are surrounded by a world of fear and disbelief. A time, in which all want to protect themselves first, following their own path, far from their neighbour, from the community and from Christ.

For us, the young people of Bulgaria, this national meeting constitutes a renewed commitment to hope and a new impetus in which we are clear about the desire of our pastors to make us live in the spirit of unity in Christ for the whole Church.

The meeting took place in a fraternal environment, where we were able to freely share our experiences of faith in God, without fear and prejudice among ourselves. The meeting also took place in harmony with the Church’s sense of sharing and openness towards young people as Pope Francis wishes.

The theme "For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation and Mission" concerns each of us, and our pastors stressed the importance of the participation of young people in the life of every parish. Mons. Rumen Stanev, stressed the importance of courage, perseverance and love in our spiritual life because there are trials and tribulations: "We love what we believe, but we must also believe in what we love".

The testimonies made in the groups were a very strong moment in which young people participated freely and expressed the joy of strengthening their faith and the way to find Christ present in others and in the events of life. From their voice, we take this testimony: "the meeting has been well prepared; I look forward to the next meetings in which we will have the opportunity to be together and strengthen the friendship among us and God. Thank you very much to all the organizers, but above all to God for this grace of being all together for His love".

The meeting of young people ended with the Holy Mass celebrated by Mgr. Hristo Proykov, President of the Episcopal Conference of the Catholic Church in Bulgaria. Monsignor urged us and expressed his desire: that there be a great harmony between the path towards the WYD in Lisbon and the post-synodal journey. "Do not ignore the voice of God that pushes you to get up and follow the paths that He has prepared for you" - added Mgr. Proykov. "Like Mary and with her, be daily the bearers of her joy and her love. Mary got up and went quickly to visit her cousin Elizabeth. Always ready, always in a hurry, but not anxious".

Sr Elka Staneva

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