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We have contemplated and touched with our hands, the mercy of the Father in the witness of a VOLUNTEER

Published in 2022
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Our Latin American Province "San Antonio", with provincial house in Chile, radiates flashes of light and mercy of the Father with the presence of Miss GIULIA DURIGON TONON, lay volunteer in these lands, in Chile and in Bolivia.

These short words are meant to be a POSTHUMOUS HOMAGE to GIULIA DURIGON, who passed through our lands doing good, without ostentatious in the silent style of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. They are also an exhortation to the Christian of today, lay or consecrated, to reflect on the meaning of life and, finally, to thank the Durigon Tonon family of Treviso, Italy, for having shared with us the witness of Faith, Hope and Charity, of GIULIA.

According to the doctrine of Saint John Paul II, to be a Christian volunteer requires profound motivations; a capacity for dedication and fidelity in daily life; adequate preparation and a patient journey of formation and perseverance. The Christian lives volunteering as a free gift to serve Christ in the brothers and sisters: it is a matter of the gratuitousness of charity.  In this way the Christian volunteer gives meaning to life, rediscovers the values of the family, of the community, of living together and promotes the development of the people to whom he/she is sent. We need an open, supportive, discreet, generous lifestyle, respectful of people. It is an evangelical motivation cultivated in prayer, in simplicity and meekness, with sobriety and a spirit of sacrifice: this was Giulia!

GIULIA, arrives in Chile, in Rancagua in the territorial organization of the so-called VI Region, after having served in one of the Missions of the Congregation in Africa, a house of children, girls and adolescents in need of everything, which they received from the sisters, from the staff and from Giulia, the help needed!

Giulia was always joyful and happy, prudent, respectful, caring, affectionate, she shared with them the courtyard, the recreation, the pool, the theatre, the songs, the dances, the prayer, the Holy Mass, study time, homework supervision, everything. In particular, she cared about the health of girls: this was her area, in which she prepared herself with diligence, professionalism and ability.

The city of Rancagua is a narrow strip of land between two mountain ranges, between the Andes and the coast. The change from the warm climate of Africa, to the harsh cold of Rancagua, produced a deterioration in her health. Doctors recommend transfer to a warm and temperate climate. For this reason she left the dear Hogar "Santa Rosa" and other poor and needy brothers and sisters receive her: those of Bolivia.

Giulia was received with much love in the mission of Bolivia; she worked in the nursing field, in the dispensary "San Francesco" in Cochabamba. Her love for the poor and abandoned also led her to venture into the mountains of the Andes, treating the sick from village to village. In the area of the "Barrio don Bosco" she was known by all because, with her kindness, her generosity and her smile, she won the hearts not only of her sick people, but of all those who approached her: "Hermanita Julia" so they called her with so much love and so she remained engraved in their hearts.

With the women religious, she shared the life of prayer, the fraternal life, being witness, example, light, with her respectful and prudent company, patient and humble.

Presenting herself to the Lord on 18 May 2022, her baggage is full of the fruits sown in these distant lands, they have opened to her the doors of heaven.

In our times, in which the sense of the common good and fraternity is weakened, and life revolves around itself in an exacerbated narcissism, enclosed in the limited horizons of one’s own self, we pay homage to you, Giulia, because your purity of motivation has made you transparent; the breath of your hope, constant; and the humility of your charity, credible.

May God be blessed, for your great charity, patience and donation!


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