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I WILL SING FOREVER THE LORD’S LOVE, I will make known your fidelity from generation to generation! Psalm 88

Published in 2022
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In March our two Filipino sisters Sr. Evangeline Salino and sr. Teresita Dulatre, celebrated the 25th anniversary of Religious Life, each in its own mission: Sr Evangeline in the mission of Albania together with the sisters of the two communities and sr. Teresita in Quezon City, Philippines, together with the sisters of Boso Boso.

Let us listen to their testimony:

"I consider it a great privilege to be able to celebrate 25 years of missionary religious life in the land of Albania with the two communities gathered to live a moment of grace and revive the gift and joy of the vocation. We celebrated it in Shkodra because it was our desire to meet the group of young people that the sisters follow. The problem of young people is also deeply felt in Albania, where we are witnessing an unprecedented migratory movement: entire families leave their land aspiring to better life situations... This is why our Pastors, seriously concerned about the decline of youth and the consequent lack of vocations, have called for a Vocational Year and promoted various initiatives. The event of the 25 years of my Religious Profession has been exploited to live with young people a vocational moment during which my simple but serene witness, has attracted the attention of young people and aroused in them questions about the meaning of the project of life and in us the responsibility to grasp the provocation and accompany them on the delicate path of discernment. I then wanted to contextualize my testimony in the Congregation of my choice, through the presentation of a power point and photo to make it known with his spirituality and his missionary charisma." Sister Evangeline Salino

On March 9, anniversary of the Profession of Sr. Vangie, the feast was more intimate with a Holy Mass celebrated in our chapel by Don Kristian Marku with whom we take care of the pastoral care in the church of San Nicola. The joy was complete when we were able to connect with sr. Marta, our provincial superior and other sisters, who were able to follow the celebration and make us feel the prayer and the presence of many other sisters.

In his homily, the priest stressed the great gift of consecration and then spent words of exhortation to fidelity in perseverance, through assiduous prayer and constant relationship with the Lord, care for the poor and evangelization.

The day ended in the intimacy of the Community with a sincere hymn of thanks to the Lord for his many benefits, but also to Sr. Vangie who corresponded with you with love and generosity.

The sisters of the two communities of Quezon City and Boso-Boso

"A journey consisting of two and a half decades of my religious life is littered with positive and negative experiences that together gave rise to all the best of me that I am now, offered to the Church in my Religious family: a wonderful and unique gift, an itinerary from death to life, thanks to the discovery of Love.

From March 9, 1997 to March 9, 2022, for me it was all about experiencing the unconditional love of Jesus Crucified. Her greatest sign of love was to show me what was in her deepest heart, to the point that I cannot express what I felt except with tears of gratitude.

My being able to celebrate 25 years of profession is the greatest sign of God’s faithfulness: he continues to reassure me:" I am always with you"

This very important celebration was organized first of all with a Eucharist, presided over by Fr. John Jay, Ml. The celebration was very significant, also present the sisters of Boso-Boso. Sr Carlota and Sr Lucy. After lunch together, we wanted to live a moment of adoration in a place designed for those who want to adore, while the others were confronted with mission experiences: what our sisters do, their joys and difficulties, always with the strength of the faith that sustains them, sure that everything will go for the best according to the plan of God: Fiat voluntas tua!

"My silver wedding: a simple but rich in meaning and emotions! My heart overflows with gratitude, for all the blessings I have received. To the sisters of my community, to those of the Province, a GREAT THANK YOU, for your prayer, your fraternal affection.  I thank God for this mission to which he has called me and where I too am learning to live and to respond to the Lord: - Fiat! " . - 

 Sr. Teresita Dulatre


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