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Great Events in the History of the Eastern Province of St. Elizabeth

Published in 2022
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Today 8 October 2022 Menjez is celebrating. Also, in Lebanon we remember the missionary journey of our sisters which began in Turkey and passed to Greece, then to Cyprus, France, Bulgaria and finally in 1988 to Lebanon. At 10 am everyone gathered in the school theater and the Eucharistic celebration began as a thanksgiving to all the benefactors of this mission.

It was a very touching celebration, moving with the memory of the past especially how our Sisters were truly heroic in facing so many challenges in the missions to the point of giving their lives for the love of the people of God and their determination to spread the Good News in the Middle East according to the charism of the Congregation. The Sisters went through wars, hunger, disease and many other difficulties and sufferings of that time. But beyond all this, they were full of gratitude to God, who has undertaken this journey with us until today by loving us and giving us the strength throughout these years to create and make alive the charism given to us by our Founders with the missionary and Franciscan spirit.

Along with the 150th anniversary, the 34th anniversary of the presence of the sisters in Menjez was also celebrated as well as the 200th anniversary of the birth of our Venerable Founder Fr Gregorio Fioravanti. These anniversaries were included in the inauguration of the kitchen, a long-dreamed project for children and young people who need specific educational training. In fact, the kitchen was built by the generosity of the CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference) and at the same time by a French organization (Fondation Raoul Follereau).

Sr. Beatrice Skorti as one of the first missionaries who is still in Lebanon and as responsible for the education, recalled in her speech how Divine Providence always comes to help in this mission from the very beginning. Despite the civil war, the lack of communications, the lack of electricity even in their own homes, the Sisters managed to open a school, a dispensary and a center for children who need specific education. Today, Sr Beatrice thanked all the local and foreign organizations without forgetting the help that came from our Congregation as well. Sr. Beatrice with touching emotion also thanked His Excellency Mons. Cesare Essayan Latin Bishop and constant benefactor, our Provincial Sup., Sr. Antonia Piripitsi and her Council together with Sr. Angelica Hadjihanni local Sup. of Limassol and Sr. Yiannoulla Petri from Kormakiti, who came from Cyprus to share our joy.

And to conclude, she quoted the words of the director of the French Cultural Mission saying: “a chapel, a school, a dispensary; you are concerned with health, souls, spirits and the body. Congratulations!" In the end she wanted to end her speech with the same words of our Superior General, Sister Paola Dotto: "The Lord bless your precious service and so many benefactors who support this providential work for the suffering land of Lebanon".


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