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What is consecrated and missionary life, if not an unmistakable echo of gratitude to God for all the good we have received!

On the occasion of the 150 years of missionary presence in the Middle East, the 30th anniversary of the opening of the mission in Rakovski in Bulgaria and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Venerable Father Gregory Fioravanti, 23 July was celebrated as a day of gratitude to the Lord for the wonders worked through us and so many of our sisters who have preceded us.

Many children, young people, families and the various groups with which the sisters work in the parishes took part in the Jubilee preparation. The feast began with the solemn Eucharistic celebration which was attended by the ecclesiastical and civil authorities, many benefactors, friends and faithful of the parishes where the sisters are doing their mission. Present were the Provincial Superior, Sister Antonia Piripitsi with her Council; Sister Bernarda Alvarez, formator of the juniors from Rome and Sister Miriam Oyarzo with a group of young people from Turkey.

In the opening procession, 24 children and young people brought lighted candles to the altar, a symbol of the missions where the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart carry the flame of the Gospel, followed by 24 other young people with the flags of the nations where the Congregation is present. After this varied group of young people, the Sisters and Priests of the dioceses in Bulgaria followed. The Holy Mass was presided over by the newly elected Auxiliary Bishop Msgr. Rumen Stanev together with the President of the Bishops' Conference in Bulgaria Msgr. Hristo Proykov. The newly arrived Apostolic Nuncio His Excellency Mons. Luciano Suriani, together with his secretary, with his participation expressed the papal presence among the people of God.

In his reflection, the young Bishop Mgr Rumen Stanev, nephew of Sister Claudine Staneva, thanked several times for the precious presence, example and activity of the Franciscan Sisters in Bulgaria. He recalled the historical facts of God's Providence, through which Father Gregory Fioravanti passed, and then the presence of the Congregation for 150 years in the Middle East and for 30 years in Rakovski in Bulgaria. The yellow - white colors that adorned the Church with the freshness of faces, flowers, decorations and sets reminded us of the past full of gratitude, the joyful present and the future full of hope. All this was shared in the thanksgiving speeches by the Ecclesiastical Authorities and by Sister Antonia Piripitsi, Provincial Superior.

The second part of the feast took place in the cultural center of the city. The history of the Congregation, the Eastern Province and the beginnings of the mission in Bulgaria before the communist regime with the return to Rakovski and Gitnitza was presented with a PowerPoint. The historical photos brought back to the memory of all those present the missionary sisters who worked for the Church in Bulgaria and with great dedication and evangelical love for the people without any distinction. Countless expressions of emotion and sighs echoed in the theater room. Then followed various folkloric dances and songs with the beauty of the typical costumes of Thrace. The group of people with disabilities presented a dance with wheelchairs in an original way, a very moving moment for everyone. Afterwards, we gathered in the courtyard of the parish where the fraternal agape took place. Here we were able to stop with our loved ones, with guests, parishioners and many families and young people who have been accompanied and educated by the sisters during these years of mission and apostolic service. A church full of good fruits, abundant fruits!

Thus, in the sign of Franciscan joy, we celebrated this beautiful day for which we say our thanks to the Lord. In this Bulgarian land we are a small particle of the Congregation that follows the example of many martyrs who shed their blood for a glorious future. Thank you, Lord for 30 years of active and dedicated presence in Bulgaria. Thanks to all those who have been close to us in the preparation and festive celebration of this memorable event! Marvelous are the ways of Divine Providence! Wonderful is this mission!


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